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What you will need

What you will need

T-slips: T4, T3, etc ..
Childcare expenses; Tuition fees
Medical Receipts such as:
  • Prescription drugs: summaries or receipts
  • Glasses; Dental
  • Hospital expenses; Attendant care
  • Letters from doctors/medical professionals
  • Donations: political parties, charitable organizations
    Transit passes: receipts or Presto summaries
    Children: arts and activities
    Rental receipts; Property taxes ; Moving expenses
    Business expense receipts and summaries
    Other relevant information and paperwork
    What we will do

    What we will do

    Reconcile your information with CRA:
  • T-Slip
  • Disability Tax Credits
  • Notice of Assessment
  • Account Information
  • All the credits you are entitled to will be considered Your return will be filed electronically if eligible
    We are very thorough in our work

    We are very thorough in our work

    We take the time to ask the questions to understand your situation
    Your return will be prepared and reviewed. We will contact you should we have any questions.
    We value your time so you don't have to wait while we verify all the information and make sure your return is complete.
    We discuss your return with you so you know what to expect and how to be proactive about your taxes for the next year.